Apple Juice Break

Who's thirsty?

Work & Wedding

We have a new Pastry Chef at Butcher & The Boar (my work place)  by the name of Rachel.  And, she’s as awesome as she is talented. Also, my dear friends PBG and Heather just married.  Been out and about quite a bit this spring. What a time it’s been…

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It was a short spring.

Or was it Spring at all?

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Hold still, dude. Documenting a family (my own)

In my small, small family there is but one person who actively takes photos; me. There was a period in time, too, that I missed out on my brother Tyler’s budding family’s progress and the following documentation of.  I miss out no more.

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Trips & Tales (I just wanna be free, man)


It’s a word used by many these days, almost haphazardly and without much meaning anymore.  To be “busy” nowadays is the default positioning for social importance. It’s the defacto excuse for excusing oneself for being late, tardy or completely…

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Day (&Night) Job

“A man’s gotta make a living.”

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TRAVELS: Florida & Pizza Farm

Spending the summer in Florida last year, I amassed quite a stock of photos.  Here’s a few from a trip down the coast.  (I saw sea turtles lay their eggs!). Also, on a lil’ trip up to MPLS I skipped out to the Pizza Farm (A to Z Produce) for one of my…

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NEWS: Randoms


Ohhhh the pleasures of developing film.  You sent on a roll for a few months and all of a sudden you’re transported back…

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MY DUDE. @samuelmcguire in the mix #StayRegalForever

Don’t call it a comeback #itsnotmondaybut #killerpizza #twilightzone (at New Zissou Compound)

Make & Destroy.

…ahhh, ya know…just challin’ (at New Zissou Compound)

Means so much. #MadeInUSA (at New Zissou Compound)

There’s been some upgrades ‘round here. #DaCribGetsCloser #lezzzdothis #BillFuckingMurray #nahmean (at New Zissou Compound)

Scratchin’. #NahMean #sundaydinner

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